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How to potty train a puppy - Welcome and thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  In this video you will learn how to potty train a puppy and how to stop your puppy from toileting in the house.

Below is a complete transcript of the video just in case you prefer to read the text.

HOW TO POTTY TRAIN YOUR PUPPY - The key to success when potty training your puppy is realizing that like young children, puppies are not able to hold the urge for long; thus, you have to make sure your puppy is outside every time it needs to go.

When it comes to toilet training your puppy, the emphasis is firmly on you. You need to make sure that your puppy is always in the toilet area when he needs to go. Take your puppy outside to that designated area first thing every morning. Use the same word that you want your dog to associate with toileting, such as "toilet". 

Once you have your puppy outside, make your suggestion calmly from time to time by using the word you chose, like "toilet". It's a waiting game and one needs to be quite patient. If you try to rush things, your puppy will pick up on it and become tense; thus, hindering his ability to go.

It is important to use the same word each time and make sure that everyone in the home uses the same word. There is nothing more confusing to a puppy than everybody using a different word.

If the puppy is playful and hyper and is running all over the place, it is wise to use a leash to contain it in the designated area.

After five to ten minutes outside you may feel like giving up. You may consider taking the puppy inside and place it in a crate or penned area, and try again in 30 minutes or so.
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When your puppy finally goes, it's brilliant, like hitting the jackpot.  This is when you should immediatly (within seconds) give your puppy a reward with praise and affection. Make the reward is really special, one which should only be given when your puppy goes in the designated area.

Tips to think about:

  1. Choose a word

  2. Use a leash

  3. Go to the same area

  4. Don't rush things - stay calm at all times

Plan Ahead for Success:

  • Get your dog to the right area on time! If necessary document the times you puppy goes to potty and use an alarm if you need to. Documenting each time your puppy goes will give you an idea of how often you should take it out

  • Prepare:  Have the reward/treat with you every time you take your puppy out.

  • Give yourself time and never rush.

  • Remember to use the chosen word your dog associates with going to potty.

  • Praise your puppy and reward it with a special treat withing seconds of doing it!

The key is consistency and patience. The process of fully potty training your puppy may take a bit of time.


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"Our dream of a great dog was over for good, and we really thought it was always going to be like this… Benji would pull and lunge towards other dogs to sniff, or start barking to get their attention. It was driving my husband and I crazy. But after Doggy Dan’s training Benji is now a different dog! He still has his spunk and loves to play but is calm when other dogs walk past. It is brilliant." - Monique Teterin - Auckland

Sara Byrnes "I totally love Doggy Dan... and his training methods! I even bought a couple of months for my daughter and her family. They have a 1 year old border collie/lab mix and he tries very hard to be the pack leader in every situation. I have an 11 week old female border/lab mix. I think I have watched every video and also everything on the forum. We are trying our best to implement the 5 Golden Rules in our whole family system and have already seen a lot of benefit in the 1 year old and the puppy. I feel my puppy is getting off to a great start, even though she can be a little rascal at times. I really appreciate the video's because Dan's calm demeanour helps me to remain calm when dealing with situations. Thanks for all your insight and contribution to the relationships between doggies and their people!"

"Karen Cooper - "Hey Dan, I started with your free videos a couple of weeks ago and have now signed up and am really enjoying going through the info on your website. I have implemented the 5 golden rules and am already noticing a difference. My dog used to always be jumping up all over the ranch slider when I got up in the morning or when I got home at night, she now knows she has to sit quietly outside before I let her in. My friends know to ignore her and not to talk to her when they come over or we meet up with them elsewhere and she is slowly learning not to jump up on them. The gesture eating is also going really well. I have really noticed a change! We'll keep all of this going and I'm sure the digging and chewing outside will also eventually go away as well. It's amazing how differently I now view her behaviour. What I previously interpreted as happiness to see me and excitement, I now know is her trying to assert herself as pack leader. Thanks for your help so far!"

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